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Training Schedule

We train during the semester on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30pm to 9:15pm in the Adair Hall Gymnasium.  Training is open to all students and faculty at the College - no experience required*.  Come try it and see what you think!

Your First Training

Participant waiver: before you come, you must  join (click here)  nd complete the waiver.  The Dept. of Campus Recreation requires everyone to complete an annual waiver before participating in any sport club.

Attire: please wear loose-fitting clothing, i.e. gym clothes.  There are restrooms to change in if necessary.  Also, we train with bare hands and feet.  For safety, please do not wear jewelry, and keep fingernails and toenails clipped short.

Don't be hungry or stuffed when you get to training!  If you need to eat something before training, have something light so the workout doesn't give you an upset stomach.

Please arrive on time, if possible.  If your schedule requires you to arrive late or leave early on a regular basis, that is okay, but please let Sensei know.

Dojo (training hall) etiquette:  We'll teach you all the necessary etiquette during training.  You can read about this etiquette below.

At the beginning of class, the Sempai (senior student) will sit down first and stand up first during line up.  That student will signal the others to kneel and will lead the meditation, and the recitation of Dojo Kun at the end of training.  After the Sempai, the next most senior person moves, and so on.  If you are in lineup and the person to your left kneels, it is time for you to kneel.  Don't stand up until they start to stand up!  Here's what Sempai will say:

After bowing, Sensei will invite the class to stand up, starting with the Sempai and continuing with the rest of the students.

Belt Testing

The club participates in belt testing three times a year: once in the fall, and twice in the spring.  Exams are conducted by Pohle Sensei, ISKF A Ranked Examiner, or occasionally by a visiting instructor.

Travel Events (see Events tab)

Several times a year, the club travels to other East-coast colleges for tournaments and training camps.  The William & Mary club also hosts a Collegiate Camp on alternate years.  We strongly encourage members to attend these events - they provide excellent training and a great opportunity to meet new friends in shotokan!

* If you have prior experience you may progress more quickly, especially if you already train in Shotokan or a closely related discipline.