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Coaches, Officers, and Captains
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  Team Staff  
Coaches, Questions about team opportunities
Peter Lang, Coach
Beth Pepper, Coach
Paperwork, waivers, liability paperwork, field scheduling, and event planning. President:  Haley "Weights" Bauser
CIPP roster, reserving fields, EMTs at games Vice President: Zoe "Chooch" Mann
Club Dues, Team Payments, anything involving money coming in or going out. Treasurer: Gloria Cho
Scheduling matches and tournaments or travel information Travel Representative: Andie Powers
Recruitment, Merchandise, Website, Social Media Operations Chair: Liz Linstrom
Field Lining, Game setup, safety officers, etc; Field Operations Chair: Lidia Morris
Fitness Practices, Practice times/locations, or anything about a game
*Forwards Captain: Emily Marr
*Backs Captain: Jennie Latane
Forwads Selector: Amelia Wheaton
Backs Selector:  
Universal Selector: Gloria Cho