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 Membership Information

NRHH is comprised of the top one percent of the total residence hall population. Our organization consists of students and honorary members of the community.

Membership List

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 Becoming a Member

Residents are selected for membership based on academic achievement, service to residence halls, strong character, and leadership potential. Up to 47 students will be inducted into the William and Mary Chapter of NRHH. A nominee does not have to be a Resident Assistant or a member of Hall Council. Any student who has made a determined effort to improve residential life at William and Mary is considered for membership. 

To be eligible for nomination, candidates must:

a) Have lived in campus housing for at least two semesters*

b) Be in good standing with the College and have a GPA of at least 2.5

c) Have made an active contribution to improving the residential community

After being nominated by a Residence Life professional or head staff member, students will be notified of their nomination and encouraged to complete and return the NRHH application. A selection committee of current NRHH members reviews the applications and selects new members. Those selected will be notified and given the date of the induction ceremony.

*We do recognize and work with students who have lived on campus for less than two semesters. For more information, please email our organization.