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When you fill out an OTM form, you need to be as extensive as possible and as anonymous as possible. You must refrain from using names and area/residence hall locations within the nomination. Nominations are due the 25th of every month by 11:59 p.m. If you are unsure of what to write and need some suggestions, please look below.

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General OTM Types & Advice

Advisor OTM: how did this student advisor recognize and impact those they work with. What outstanding accomplishments has the advisor achieved? Please note that this OTM is meant to be ambigious; an advisor can be a leader who serves in any capacity to other students. You may not submit a nomination for any professional staff member (Area Director or someone in the central office-to submit a nomintation for these people, please select the option "spotlight") under the "Advisor" tag.

Exec Board Member OTM: what contributions has the nominee made to the residence halls and their own campus organization? Please note the nominee needs to be a member of the Executive Board for your campus-wide residence hall government, not hall-wide government.

Organization of the Month OTM: this category is to recognize an outstanding residence life organization (such as an RHA, NRHH Chapter, RA Council), not an outstanding member. Nominations should be organization specific and not concentrate on the efforts of a few individuals. Review the purpose and goals of the organization before writing the nomination. Note: NRHH and Greek organizations are NOT eligible to be nominated for this OTM .

Resident Assistant of the Month OTM: how has the RA made an impact in the month of nomination and fulfilled/gone above their job responsibility?

Spotlight of the Month OTM: this is a create your own award, so the criteria varies with each nomination.  Nominate someone you feel has exceeded the call of duty and did something amazing.  Make sure you title the nomination with a creative name!  Pro Staff members and central office staff are able to be nominated for this award

Student of the Month OTM: what organizations and outside activities has the nominee been involved with during the month of nomination? What interaction did the nominee have with RHA, individual hall councils, or their floor during the month?  Please be as extensive as possible.

Fraternity & Sorority Chapter of the Month: how has the chapter promoted community on campus? How has the chapter utilized their house for community building? How has the chapter worked together to best-utilize and maintain their own living space? Make sure not to include the Fraternity/sorority's name in the nomination


Program OTM Types & Advice

Campus Wide Program: how did the program impact the entire campus community, and how were students informed about the event? Where was it located, how were funds raised, and how many people atteneded?

Community Service Program: how did the program impact the campus and greater communities?

Diversity Program: how did the program relate to diversity?

Educational Program: how were the educational needs of the community addressed?

Passive Program: how did the program connect with residents and what made it unique?

Social Program: how did the program encourage residents to interact with one another? 

The judging committee examines a programs creativity, originality, financial feasibility, percent of attendance and adaptability to other campuses. Timeliness of response to current campus events and acknowledgement of individual residents are other qualities common to winning programs.