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Faro de la Memoria: Book Series

On November 7, 2016, the University of Cádiz Press launched a new book series, Faro de la Memoria (Memory's Lighthouse), for which I serve as Series Editor. Faro de la Memoria promotes research that furthers knowledge in the fields of memory studies and social history in the Humanities and Social Sciences, including publications in cultural studies, literature, performance and the visual arts, history, sociology, and social enthnography.  The press is interested in scholarly works that offer interdisciplinary, transnational perspectives on topics related to the traditions, practices and theories of social memory, whether individual or collective expressions of identities in conflict in moments of crisis, in Spain, Europe or the Americas.

We invite authors to submit manuscripts that explore issues related to, for example, current community-based efforts to recover and commemorate traumatic memory of past violence and human rights violations; the social history of repressive regimes and the creative strategies of resistance employed by dissident groups of opposition; representations of the struggle for civil rights and social justice; the role of intergenerational transmission in the creation of an alternative popular memory of state violence; memory and its migrations (exile, immigration, displacements), or the memorialization of community spaces, public places, monuments, markers, and urban landscapes,  that represent the material culture of the past, as well as the politics of commemoration.

The goal of Faro de la Memoria is to illuminate the lived experiences of everyday people that often disappear beneath the surface of official history, and to recover these accounts from the silence of oblivion. We are interested in works that shed light on the political perspectives and cultural contributions of those whose voices of dissent and contestation have long been marginalized. Detailed information for prospective authors is available here,

An article in the Diario de Cádiz (11/14/16) includes a list of the Editorial Board members and also the Advisory Board:

The public presentation of the series at the University of Cádiz may be viewed here: