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The history of Alpha Phi Omega nationally can be found at However, the history of the Nu Rho chapter at the College of William and Mary is as follows...

The Nu Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was initially chartered at The College of William and Mary on December 11, 1961 in the Great Hall of the Wren Building. Our big brother chapter was Zeta Beta at Virginia Tech. Our pre-Charter President was David Greenfield and our Charter President was Sam Sadler. During the 1970s, Nu Rho suffered from a dramatic decline in membership. The Chapter last filed with the National Office in 1972, and was officially disbanded in 1974. Apathy ruled the campus. Unfortunately, most if not all of the records of NP's first era were destroyed upon the disbanding, leaving most of us in the dark as to how it operated during that time.


In 1978, once again under the guidance of Zeta Beta, Nu Rho petitioned to be rechartered. Our first new President was George Homewood, our first new Vice President was David Lozier, and our second new President was Cynthia Hartley. Nu Rho has lived happily at William and Mary ever since and has even helped to charter chapters at Old Dominion University, the University of Richmond, and at Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as host Sectionals in 1998 and three Regional Conferences, most recently the one in November 2009.


Membership has gone up and down in waves since the rechartering. Thanks to some old notes found in a binder somewhere, it seems that Nu Rho was rechartered with around 15 people. Membership shot up to 50 by the early 1980s due to membership drives, and by 1990 Nu Rho numbered about 215! Today, the Nu Rho chapter has around 230 active Brothers.



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