Brian Beach
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Coal smoke and mortality in an early industrial economy (with Walker Hanlon) 
Accepted at The Economic Journal.

Gridlock: Ethnic diversity in government and the provision of public goods (with Daniel Jones
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2017. 9(1): 112-136.

Business as usual: Politicians with business experience, government finances, and policy outcomes (with Daniel Jones) 
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2016. 131: 292-307.

Typhoid fever, water quality, and human capital formation (with Joe FerrieMartin Saavedra, and Werner Troesken) 
The Journal of Economic History, 2016. 76 (1): 41-75.
(Awarded Arthur H. Cole Prize for best article 2015-16).

Mitigating the effects of low birth weight: Evidence from quasi-randomly assigned adoptees (with Martin Saavedra
American Journal of Health Economics, 2015. 1 (3): 275-96.

Time or spot? A revaluation of Amsterdam market data prior to 1747 (with Stephen Norman and Douglas Wills)
, 2013. 7 (1): 61-85



Can migration make deadly recessions look healthy? Evidence from large-scale linked microdata (with Vellore Arthi and Walker Hanlon)
New draft June 2018. 
This paper builds off Estimating the recession-mortality relationship when migration mattersNBER Working Paper W23507.

Fetal shock or selection? The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and human capital development (with Joe Ferrie and Martin Saavedra)
New draft August 2018. NBER Working Paper W24725.

Losing by less? Import competition, unemployment insurance generosity, and crime (with John Lopresti)
New draft May 2018.

Minority representation in local government (with Daniel JonesRandy Walsh, and Tate Twinam)
New draft October 2018. NBER Working Paper W25192

Land use regulation and individual welfare (with Tate Twinam)

Do markets reward constitutional reform? Lessons from America’s state debt crisis

Disease and the municipalization of private waterworks in nineteenth century England and Wales (with Werner Troesken and Nicky Tynan)
New draft in progress. Earlier version: NBER Working Paper W22553.

Segregation and the initial provision of water in the United States (with John Parman and Martin Saavedra)
Preliminary draft available upon request.

Censorship, family planning, and the British demographic transition (with Walker Hanlon) 
First draft in progress