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Catherine A. Forestell, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

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1093 Integrated Science Center
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NOTE:  I hope to accept a graduate student for Fall 2016. If interested, please contact me.




Research Interests:

My research focuses on a range of factors related to ingestive and addictive behaviors, with a specific focus on understanding how early experiences play a role in the development of these behaviors. Through the use of a combination of behavioral, sociocognitive and electrophysiological measures we assess affective responses and attentional biases to foods and other substances, such as alcohol and tobacco in children and adults. Much of my work is interdisciplinary in nature,incorporating approaches from developmental and social psychology as well as learning and memory, and sensation and perception.


As a graduate student I conducted animal model studies to investigate conditioned flavor preferences and palatability shifts under the direction of Dr. Vincent LoLordo at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Upon completion of my Ph.D. in 2002, I moved to Philadelphia to work with Dr. Julie Mennella at the Monell Chemical Senses Center; a non profit research center dedicated to the study of taste and smell, where my research focused on understanding the development of flavor and food preferences and eating behaviors in children.  I have been continuing this work with infants, older children, adolescents, and adults since my arrival at The College of William & Mary in the fall of 2007. 


Download a copy of my CV (current as of August 2014) here.


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

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