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Currently we make and deliver about 200 meals a week at two cooking shifts and two delivery shifts per week. We accept food donations during two recovery shifts each week. We also have a Fun at Five shift, which brings together volunteers and kids from the neighborhoods we serve through sports, play, and crafts. The schedule for the Campus Kitchen at WM's shifts is listed below: 

Before signing up, please note the following information:

LOCATION: We are now located in the Williamsburg Presbyterian Church, which is right across the street from Monroe Hall.  The entrance we use is the main back door that faces the church parking lot.  The kitchen is located down the first hallway on your right.  It will be the last door on your right.  We will meet here for cooking shifts. For Recovery and Delivery, we will meet in the downstairs kitchen (directly under the main kitchen). For Fun at Five, we meet in the back parking lot of the Church.

DRESS WHEN COOKING: Please wear closed toed shoes, long pants, and bring a hat.  (Hairnets will be given to people without hats.)  Please also secure any loose sleeves and tie back long hair.  No jewelry except for flat rings please!

VOLUNTEER CAPACITY:  Both the Monday and Thursday cooking shifts can take a maximum of ten volunteers.  The Tuesday and Friday delivery shifts and recovery shifts can take a maximum of 4 volunteers. We try to remove shifts from the website as soon as they fill up.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER SHIFTS: Each month we will have shifts that are reserved for part community volunteers, part students. Community volunteers can sign up for this shift by using the normal form or emailing Anne Hefele at

GROUP SIGN-UPS: Due to the high level of interest in both group and individual sign ups, CKWM is changing how groups sign up to volunteer for the shifts. The last week of the month will be group week and open to only groups. If there are no groups signed up by a week before their shift, we will open the shift for individual volunteers.

Each group should have a contact person or leader who will organize shift with the student coordinator and provide their phone number and email. This individual will be responsible for ensuring that their group is present at their selected shift. 

If you cannot make your shift you MUST notify Campus Kitchens 48 hours ahead of time!

Volunteers that miss two shifts (or one in the case of groups) without notifying us 48 hours ahead of time will not be allowed to volunteer with Campus Kitchens for the rest of the semester.

We work in small spaces and can only work with a few volunteers per shift, so we truly depend on our volunteers to get our meals made and delivered and we greatly appreciate advance notice!

Contact Anne Hefele at

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Recovery Shifts

April 17-Recovery 

******NOTE: Recovery for this thursday will be at 9:40am.

April 24-Recovery 

Farmer's Market

April 19-Farmer's Market

Delivery Shifts

April 15-Delivery 

April 18-Delivery 

April 22-Delivery 

April 25-Delivery 


Blayton Dinner

April 15-Blayton Dinner


Cooking Shifts

April 14

April 17

April 24


Fun at Five Shifts

April 16

April 17

April 23

 April 24


Field Day April 19