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Research interests

My research interests are in lattice perturbation theory, nonrelativistic heavy quark effective theories for the lattice and applications of statistical field theory. Much of my research has been carried out with the HPQCD Collaboration, working on perturbative calculations in nonrelativistic QCD. For a technical overview of lattice perturbation theory in heavy quark physics, you can find my review here. You may also want to visit

Recently I have been working on applications of lattice QCD to nuclear physics with Kostas Orginos. I was awarded the 2013 JSA Postdoctoral Research Grant to help undertake this work (more coverage here and here).

I also have research interests in statistical field theory and am currently working on a project in hydrodynamics.


Here is a list of my publications and conference proceedings on the arXiv. If you prefer, there is also a similar list from INSPIRE.

Recent research talks and seminars

Over the last two years or so I have given talks and seminars for:

and participated in: