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Associate Professor of English

Education:  Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Humanities Center 1992

                   B. A  Cornell Univeristy, English, 1984

Fields of Expertise: 

Critical Theory, Film Studies and Literary Modernism, Postmodernism, New Millennial Fiction. 


Film studies focusing  primarily on contemporary U.S., British, Irish, including topics in Feminism, Queer Film


Teaching and Program Affiliations:   

English Department, Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies Program, Film Studies

Selected Publications:


Gestural Politics: Stereotype and Parody in Joyce.  Albany: State University of New York Press, 2000. 



"Nostalgia, Mourning, and Desistance in Ulysses," 247-275 in Modernism and Nostalgia. Ed. Tammy Clewell. Palgrave UP, 2013.


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            "Beautiful Labors: Lyricism and Feminist Revisions in Eavan Boland's Poetry." Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature. 20:2 (Fall 2001): 217-36.


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