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Member Level Data Sets

There is a file in Microsoft Excel 97-2004 format (xls) for each whip count for which member-level positions could be discerned from the papers of the relevant party leader, typically the whip for the party during the two-year congress when the whip count occurred. Detailed information about the entries included in these files is provided in the codebook for the member level data.

Member Level Codebook (pdf)

The member-level files are organized by party and Congress.  You can access these datasets via the party-congress links provided below.  If a whip count identification number is accompanied by an asterisk, then individual-level position data were not obtainable for the count.

84th Congress (1955-56)
85th Congress (1957-58)
86th Congress (1959-60)
87th Congress (1961-62)
88th Congress (1963-64)
89th Congress (1965-66)
90th Congress (1967-68)
91st Congress (1969-70)
92nd Congress (1971-72)
93rd Congress (1973-74)
94th Congress (1975-76)
95th Congress (1977-78)
96th Congress (1979-80)
97th Congress (1981-82)
98th Congress (1983-84)
99th Congress (1985-86)

94th Congress (1975-76)
95th Congress (1977-78)
96th Congress (1979-80)