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*Contact other Cultural Organizations at W&M:
           Asian Student Council (ASC)
           Filipino-American Student Association (FASA)
           Hispanic Cultural Organization (HCO)
           Korean-American Student Association (KASA)
           Japanese Cultural Association (JCA)
           South Asian Student Association (SASA)
           Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
           List of Student Organizations (Student Activities)

*Contact the Center for Student Diversity:          
           Location: Campus Center Room 107
           Phone: 757-221-2300

*Contact the College of William and Mary

*Additional Resources:
      -Other Chinese Networks
           Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
           Richmond Chinese Network
           Organization of Chinese Americans - Central VA Chapter         
           Asian American Journalists Association
           Visual Communications
      -Chinese Language Tools
           Chinese Character Genealogy          
           Popup Chinese
           MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
           Study Chinese
           Chinese Language Teaching and Learning Resources
           Chinese Etymology
           Chinese Language Facts
           Chinese-English Dictionary
      -Chinese History and Culture Research Tools
           Research Tool
           Harvard China Review         
           Chinese Language Statistics (US-English Foundation)
      -Media/News in Chinese
           China Today
           China News Digest
           Asian Pages        
           BBC News
      -Random Links          
           Generation Rice
           II Stix
           Sino Group

*Contact Chinese Organizations at Other Schools:
           Chinese Student Organization (W&M, Williamsburg)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (W&M, Williamsburg)
           Chinese Student Association (UVA, Charlottesville)
           Hong Kong Student Association (UVA, Charlottesville)
           Taiwanese Student Association (UVA, Charlottesville)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (UVA, Charlottesville)
           Chinese American Society (VT, Blacksburg)
           Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (VT, Blacksburg)
           Chinese Student Association (VT, Blacksburg)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (ODU, Norfolk)
           Chinese Student Association (VCU, Richmond)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (VCU, Richmond)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (VCU, Richmond)
           Chinese Student Alliance (Georgetown U, DC)
           Chinese American Student Association (GWU, DC)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (GWU, DC)
           Chinese Student Association (JMU, Harrisonburg)
           Chinese Student Association of Taiwan (GMU, Fairfax)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (GMU, Fairfax)
           Chinese Student & Scholars Association (Duke)
           Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (UNC, Chapel Hill)
           Chinese Students and Scholars Friendship Association (NC State)
           Chinese American Student Association (Univ. of Florida)
           Chinese Student Association (Georgia Tech)
           Chinese Student & Scholar Association (WVU, Morgantown)