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Undergraduate Honors Students

  • Wes Northam, An ephemeral contributor to a toxic legacy? Group-specific molecular identification of prey in mercury-contaminated spiders by PCR (2010, co-advised)
  • Kelly Hallinger, Survival of adult tree swallows at a site contaminated by mercury (2009)
  • Rachel Fovargue The integration of metapopulation dynamics into habitat equivalency analysis (2009) 
  • Jef Akst, Who claims the clams: Kleptoparasitism by adult and young Herring Gulls (2004)
  • Jason Keagy, Are created wetland bird populations going down the drain?  (2003)
  • Emilie Snell-Rood, Avian communities of created forested wetlands in Virginia (2002)
  • Erica Reynolds, Spatial memory in migratory and non-migratory Dark-eyed Juncos (2000)
  • Dana Hawley, Effects of social status on feather growth in White-throated Sparrows  (1999)