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Diane C. Shakes

Shakes 2017

McLeod Tyler Term Professor of Biology

Co-Director of the Minor in Public Health

Graduate Co-Chair of Biology

Research Interests:

Cell and developmental biology, the interplay between cell cycle and cellular differentiation pathways, the cell biology of asymmetric cell divisions and skewed sex ratios

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2018 Article in the Daily Beast

2018 Smithsonian interview

2018 William and Mary interview

Interview about 2017 Development paper

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-BA (Biology) Pomona College 1983

-PhD (Biology) Johns Hopkins University, 1988

C. elegans spermatogenesis (Advisor: S. Ward)

-Postdoc, Cornell University (1988-91)

Embryonic Polarity (Advisor: K. Kemphues)

-Assistant Professor, Univ. of Houston (1991-95)

-Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary (1995)

-Associate Professor, College of William and Mary (2000)

- Professor, College of William and Mary (2013-present)


Contact Information:

Diane C. Shakes

ISC1 3041, Dept of Biology

College of William and Mary

PO Box 8795

Williamsburg, VA 23187

Phone 757 221-2409




Molecular Cell Biology

Cell Biology Lab

Bio 460: Cell Biology related Seminar Courses

Disease, Biomedicine, and Biomedical Research (non-majors biology)