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Ebony Expressions Gospel Choir
The Constitution of the
Ebony Expressions Gospel Choir
of the
College of William and Mary
Revised edition April 2012

Article I: Organization Name and Purpose

Section I: Name
The name of the organization shall be Ebony Expressions Gospel Choir of the College of William and Mary.

Section II: Purpose
We aim to be a service to the campus and community by seeking to be a source of spiritual revival to both the students and the local community fellowships through song and service.

Article II: Choir Offices

Section I: Authority
The executive responsibilities of the choir will be voted in the office of the Presidentwho will be aided by the executive board.

Section II: Elections
A. Executive Officers:
1. President
2. Business Manager
3. Public Relations
4. Treasurer
5. Secretary
6. Web Master/Historian
7. Chaplain

B. The election of the above officers will be held annually in the first week of April. Nominations will occur at the last meeting of the choir in the last week of March.

C. Nominees will be selected by majority vote of the members present. If there is more than one nominee for a position, platform speeches may be made.

D. The secretary will count the votes.

Section III: Responsibilities of the Executive Board

A. President
i. To enforce all laws set by the constitution.
ii. To preside over meetings
iii. To represent the choir in public relations.
iv. To form special committees and appoint positions as deemed necessary.
v. To suggest the dismissal of an officer and/or member who fails to carry out the responsibilities set by the constitution.
vi. To act as a mediator during internal choir conflicts.
vii. To present a monthly report to the members on the first Wednesday of the month
viii. To have an agenda for executive board meetings and to send it out to the executive board prior to the meetings so that they submit necessary additions

B. Business Manager
i. To be the first point of contact for performance requests
1. To communicate performance requests with the Director and gauge feasibility
2. To communicate performance requests to the choir
ii. To be the point of contact between the choir and the campus, community, etc.
iii. To plan the choir's calendar
iv. To assume the responsibilities of the president when absent, incapable, or inactive.
v. To make all necessary reservations for on-campus activities.
vi. To make all necessary reservations for transportation to off-campus activities.

C. Public Relations
i. To make the campus aware of upcoming events
1. To make fliers and advertisements for upcoming events
a. To distribute fliers among executive board and choir members so that they are posted around campus
b. To post fliers around campus
c. To advertise events via listserve
d. To advertise events via public networking sites
ii. To chair and delegate responsibilities of the Public Relations committee

D. Treasurer
i. Organize, maintain, and defend the budget of the organization.
1. Budgeting. should be done before the end of the previous spring semester with the old and new executive board
a. budget may be revised later
b. to submit budget to the Office of Student Activities in a timely manner
ii. To collect all dues, fines, donations, etc.
iii. To keep accurate and updated financial records of the choir's checking account.
iv. To have a monthly budget report
v. To attend all scheduled meetings for treasurers by the Office of Student Accounts.
vi. To chair and delegate responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee
vii. To organize all fundraising events.
viii. To implement all fundraising activities voted on by the executive board.

E. Secretary
i. To forward all correspondence between faculties, choirs, churches, and schools to Business Manager
1. To correspond between faculties, choirs, churches, and schools when business manager is not able to do so.
ii. To construct a list of affiliates of the choir.
iii. To update calendar for all performance requests.
iv. To make announcements about all choir engagements and events.
v. To act as a liaison between the Business Manager and the choir.
1. To record attendance and tardiness of choir members, executive board, and musicians at rehearsal and performances. To take detailed notes of executive board meetings.
vi. To read the past minutes at the executive board meetings for approval of the board.
vii. To keep an accurate record of the members of the choir.
viii. To send necessary messages to all official choir members.
ix. To keep a record of which robe each member possesses through a signed agreement between the choir and the member.

F. Web Master/Historian
i. To document all choir activities and events through writing in the choir book and through photography.
ii. To be knowledgeable of the history and origin of the choir.
iii. To be responsible for the creation and/or upkeep of the choir's college website.
iv. To update website as far as choir events and post fliers on website to announce upcoming events.

G. Chaplain
i. To minister to the choir members through devotion and prayer.
ii. To plan and coordinate fellowship activities (i.e. social events)

Article III: Music

Section I: Authority
Recognizing that music is separate form the administrative duties of the choir, the Director will possess power equal to that of the Business Manager.

Section II: Selection of New Director
A. Candidates to fill the position of Director will be chosen by the outgoing Director, the executive board, and the advisor.

B. Selection will be determined by the majority vote of the Director, the advisor, and executive board.

Section III: Responsibilities of the Director(s) and Musician(s)
A. Director
1. Responsible for knowing all parts for all sections.
-Teach music to all choir members.
2. To approve all hired musicians.
3. To communicate with the choir and the musicians.

B. Assistant Director
1. Responsible for knowing the parts for all sections.
2. Assume the role of Director when the Director is unavailable.
3. Serve as a liason between the Director and the Executive Board.

C. Musician(s)
1. To provide all music to accompany the songs of the choir.
2. To ensure the necessary equipment is present at events.

The Musician(s) and Director(s) must sign a contract with the choir to ensure that they understand their duties and are in agreement with their expected level of commitment to the choir.

Article IV: Executive Board Voting and Removal

Section I: Votes
A. All executive board members possess one vote.

B. For voting purposes, the Director is considered to be a part of the executive board.

Section II: Removals
A. To remove an officer and/or choir member from the choir, a complete executive board must be active.

B. The complaints must be submitted in writing and shall be heard by the executive board.

C. There must be a ?-majority vote of the executive board for the officer or member to be officially removed or dismissed.

Section III: Choir Participation in the Removal Process
If the executive board cannot reach a firm decision on an issue, it must then be brought to the choir.

Article V: Membership

Section I: Qualifications for Membership
Membership shall be open to all members of the College community, including undergraduate students, law school students, graduate students, faculty, and staff once affiliated with the William and Mary community.

Section II: Membership Rights
A. Each member will be allowed one vote during elections.

B. Members shall submit requests and/or complaints to the Ebony Expressions Gospel Choir CSU Box, which will be taken up and presented to the executive board by the Secretary.

C. Members have the right to impeach an officer by a ? vote of choir providing there is a cause for such an action.

D. Members may be permitted to attend executive board meetings, upon submitting a request and receiving approval.

E. Non-students cannot be members of the executive board.

Article VI: Attendance

Section I: General Rules
A. Members must attend all rehearsals and performances unless specified by the director. In order for a member to remain in the choir, he/she must attend more than one-half of all the performances in a semester.

B. Members are expected to be on time to rehearsals and performances.

C. All members must attend the practice before a performance in order to sing with the choir on the day of the performance. There are no exceptions. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the choir is fully prepared for all performances and presented in the best possible light.

D. Members are expected to be on time to practice. If for whatever reason, you will be absent or tardy, please notify the Secretary. Being late to practice does not reflect your consideration for other members, officers, and the Director's commitment to the mission of this choir.

E. Being more than 45 minutes late to practice equates an absence and therefore you will not be able to perform if it is the last practice before that next scheduled performance.

F. Designated dress rehearsals and sound checks are critical to our preparation before upcoming performances; failure to notify the Secretary of why you are not able to attend will result in your exclusion from participating in that performance.

Section II: Practice and Performance Attendance
Members are expected to notify the Secretary, prior to practice, if they cannot attend practices, performances, and/or meetings of the executive board.

Article VII: Dues

Section I: Dues Policy
Dues paid for membership shall be determined by the executive board and paid on the designated date. Members failing to pay dues will not be allowed to participate in choir activities, unless you speak to Treasurer about extenuating circumstances.

Article VIII: By-laws

Section I: Expectations
Members are expected to comply with decisions made by the executive board.

Section II: Practice and Performance
A. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Failure to comply may result in dismissal.

B. Members shall reflect a positive attitude during rehearsals and performances.

C. Members are responsible for knowing all material taught during rehearsals and workshop sessions and maintaining their own music.

D. There will be no gum chewing during rehearsals or performances. Please do not allow eating to inhibit your ability to effectively learn material.

E. There will be no drinking or smoking on road trips. Those who fail to comply will be immediately dismissed by the executive board and referred to the administration of the College.

F. Practices are to be used strictly to rehearse.

Section III: Performance Restrictions
A. Requests to perform off-campus must be brought to the choir at least three weeks or three rehearsals before the scheduled date to receive full consideration. Requests to perform on-campus must be brought to the choir at least two weeks or two rehearsals before the scheduled date to receive full consideration.

B. Written submissions for performances are required to receive full consideration. The form can be found on the choir's website and should be submitted within the time period specified above.

C. The choir will have an honorarium that will be requested of the organization that is requesting the performance. This honorarium will apply to large organizations but will not applied to student groups or groups that are voted to be excluded from this honorarium.

D. The organization will be notified of this honorarium within 3 days of the submitted form.

E. The honorarium shall cover choir costs including musician costs, transportation, and Director salary.

F. Acknowledging that a member's first commitment is their role as a student, executive officers may place a limit on the number of on-campus and off-campus performances that the choir accepts per month.

G. Executive officers may choose not to allow the choir to accept any additional performance engagements on the weekend of a Fall or Spring Concert.

H. In order to participate in either the Fall or Spring Concert, members must attend all rehearsals that fall within two weeks prior to that event. The executive board and Director shall exercise some discretion if special circumstances should arise.

Section IV: Performance Attire
A. During performances, members are expected to wear appropriate attire as designated by the business manager.

B. No eating or drinking is permitted while wearing the robes.

Article IX: Amendments

Section I: Proposals
Proposed amendments to the constitution must be submitted to the choir at least one week prior to a vote. The amendment must be approved by a ?-majority of the choir and an updated constitution must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities.

Section II:
The constitution may be done away with by a ?- majority vote of the executive board.