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“A Gallery of Writing” was founded in 1979 by the members of English 402, a creative writing seminar, in order to publish the stories they had completed in class. They printed 100 copies and sold each for $1. With the introduction of poetry and visual arts, “A Gallery of Writing” then became simply “The Gallery” and continued publishing quality student work until 2003. 

Unfortunately, in 2003 the only copy of the nearly-completed issue was lost when the editor’s computer crashed. The staff was too disappointed to continue working on the publication, and “The Gallery” fell out of print. 

In 2007, Kelsey Parrish, former Editor-in-Chief, took a Literary and Culture studies class that involved a research project on various campus publications. Choosing “The Gallery,” she began looking into the history of the publication, and trying to find out why it had disappeared in 2003. Once she uncovered the story, she and her then roommate Laura Daniels decided to bring “The Gallery” back to life. 

In October 2007, Kelsey and Laura held the first meeting for future staff members of “The Gallery.” As the semesters went on, “The Gallery” grew stronger and stronger. After Kelsey left, Laura Daniels became the Editor-in-Chief and the magazine has flourished since then, growing larger with each passing year. 


Past Editors: 

2007-2008: Kelsey Parrish

2009-2010: Laura Daniels

2010-2011: Carrie Crow

Fall 2011: Carrie Crow and Katie Demeria

Spring 2012: Katie Demeria 

2014-2015: Jenny Lee and Dana Wood

2015-2016: Heather Lawrence and Lauren Murtagh

Fall 2016: Heather Lawrence and Lauren Murtagh

Spring 2017: Heather Lawrence and Dominic DeAngio