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The W&M Gallery


Mountain Faces 

The Gallery is a once-a-semester literary and art magazine that publishes the creative work of students at the College of William and Mary.


Issues from the Fall 2016 edition of The Gallery have been distributed around campus. They can be found in Sadler, Swem, Tucker, Andrews, the caf, and PBK. Thank you again to everyone who submitted to the magazine.  


Mountain Faces by Rebecca Shkeyrov (right) (see more of her work on instagram @theboldstylo) 


The Gallery is a Gold Medalist! 

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association's recent critique of the Gallery's Spring 2012 edition is in! We were given the Gold Medalist ranking, the highest place possible! We also received All-Columbian Honors in Content, meaning that we were in the 95th percentile in that category with a score of 496 out of 500. Congratulations to William and Mary's creative writers and artists, who the CSPA judges complimented in their critique, and congratulations to the Gallery's hardworking staff, who very much deserve this honor!