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Spring 2017 Staff:

Editors-in-Chief: Nic DeAngio and Heather Lawrence

Copy Editors: Patrick Eberhardt and Kate Sandberg

Art Editor: Emma Russell

Poetry Editor: Alexis sJenkins

Prose Editor: Julia Wicks 

Wesbite Manager: Lauren Murtagh


Spring 2012 Staff: 

Editor-in-Chief: Katie Demeria

Managing Editor: Arielle Kahn 

Copy Editor: Dana Wood

Poetry Editors: Connor Smith

Prose Editors: Libby Addison

Art Editors: Ashley Brykman & Jenny Lee


Fall 2011 Staff:

Editors-in-Chiefs: Carrie Crow and Katie Demeria 

Associate Editor: Arielle Kahn 

Staff: Brian Croarkin, James Beardsley, Ashley Brykman, Christina Paladeau, Libby Addison, Katherine Arcement, Maddy Benjamin, Samantha Farkas, Madeline Grimm, Jenny Lee, Sarah Schall Connor Smith, Ricky Lu, Jill McLaughlin, Scott O’Neil Elizabeth Perry, Vanessa Remmers, Henry Ware, Dana Wood