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The Gallery has a rolling deadline, meaning we accept submissions at all times. We publish once a semester, so check here for the deadlines in order to be considered for a specific issue. If your piece is accepted outside of a deadline period, we will review it and, if accepted, post it on our online edition until the semester resumes, during which time we will reconsider it for print. 

Fall 2016 Deadline: passed

Spring 2017 Deadline: TBD, but currently accepting submissions

We only accept pieces from students of the College. Additionally, we pride ourselves on keeping all submissions anonymous in order to come to a fair decision. Only the Editor-in-Chief will know the name of the submitter during the judging process. 

Please note that we do not accept anonymous pieces. 

Submission Form

Email all submissions to and please include: 


Title of Piece: 

Medium (for artwork only): 

Contributor’s Note (short biographical paragraph)

If accepted, may we use attributed excerpts/images of your piece on our networking websites (Facebook/Twitter)?