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Remember your fond days as a girl scout? Want to give back? Remembering not so fond moments and hoping to make a change? Never been a girl scout, but you're intrigued?







GSOC accepts all volunteers who are willing to abide by the Girl Scout Law and register as a member of GSUSA

Registration forms may be obtained here. Also, please fill out the following: Volunteer Agreement, Volunteer Application, and Background Check Disclosure.


Volunteers must be girls, right? 

Wrong! Any male 18 years or older can register as a Girl Scout and volunteer.

I'm a lifetime member, do I need to register and pay the registration fee? 

Nope! Just let us know up front that you're a lifetime member.

Why do I need to register? 

Registration ensures that you are covered by the GSUSA insurance policy. We don't let girls attend more than one meeting without it, and we want our volunteers to be just as well protected! Additionally, the fee ($12) helps fund the girls' organization!

What if I can't pay the registration fee or other training fees? 

Our council has a financial aid program known as the Girl Opportunity Fund that will usually provide whatever aid is necessary. Training is usually free, but when it isn't, funding can be provided by the troop you work're doing them an invaluable service!

What is the time commitment?                                                

This varies depending on your level of involvement. Most meetings are only an hour, so you need only commit to 1.5 hours per week.  Even then, weekly attendance is not mandatory for volunteers so you can pick and choose the weeks you come based on your schedule. If you're leading a troop, there are additional mandatory meetings, field trips, and lots of behind the scenes paperwork and communications. Leading is therefore a major time commitment, one that should not be taken lightly.