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Good Standing
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Good Standing Provision

For a graduate student to be eligible to receive Graduate Student Conference Funding from the Graduate Student Association (GSA), his or her department must be in good standing with GSA. Good standing shall be defined as Department Representative attendance at most GSA meetings during the Fall semester for Fall Funding and during the Spring semester for both Spring and Summer Funding. Since the GSA typically conducts 3 monthly meetings each semester, a Department Representative must attend at least 2 meetings each semester in order for his or her department to be in good standing.

In the event that a Department Representative is unable to attend a GSA meeting, he or she must notify the GSA President of the absence and locate a proxy from his or her department to attend the meeting. The Department Representative Proxy will retain full voting privileges throughout the conductance of the GSA meeting.

If a department has no Representative or Proxy Representative at a GSA meeting, the department representative, along with the representative Department Chair, Department Administrator, Director of Graduate Studies, and the Graduate Dean of Arts and Sciences, will receive a warning notification. Upon a second absence, the aforementioned individuals will receive a notification that the department is not eligible for GSA Graduate Student Conference Funding for the specified semester.

If a department has received a warning notification within the first 2 meetings of an academic semester, department eligibility for Conference Funding shall be contingent on attendance by the Department Representative or Department Representative Proxy at the 3rd meeting.

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