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International Law Society

William & Mary International Law Society is proud to announce its 2014 summer scholarship recipients:

Atif Choudhury (JD '15)

Atif Choudhury is working with the US Coast Guard's Office of International and Maritime Law (OMIL) in Washington, DC. In addition, he has participated in a variety of community service projects in the capital, especially via volunteering with City Year.

Finally, he is working on a personal project involving the use of soccer to promote sectarian and ethnic peace and unity throughout the Middle East and the greater Muslim world. His work has resulted in a Huffington Post article (publication pending, but see his work here), and he is now drafting an official proposal to send to the Qatar Foundation.  

John Palenski (JD '15)

John Palenski will be interning at the Essen District Court in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia. The court deals with all criminal and civil matters, including contract disputes, inheritance, and family matters. In addition to working under one of the head judges for the Chamber for Commercial Matters (Kammer für Handelssachen), he will have the opportunity to survey all aspects of the German civil law system.