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Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to present you the biggest event of the year: The International Law Society Annual Symposium! This year, we focused on the Post-Conflict Reconstruction, which includes a wide discussion in verious areas.

After giving you a general introduction about Post-Conflict Reconstruction, the Symposium will slits into three panels: Women's Rights, Economic Stabilization and Constitutional Reform. All these panels are chaired by renowned experts in fields ranging from Sharia Law to post-­‐conflict peace-­‐building to election dispute resolution. This would be a great opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions.

The Symposium will begin at 10:30am, Friday, March 29th in Room 120. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

2013 Symposium Cover

2013 Symposium - Detailed Schedule



Hey ILSers -

I hope everything is running smoothly so far.
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