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Jennifer A. Stevens, Ph.D.

JenFirenzeAssociate Professor

Psychology Department & Neuroscience Program 

Office: ISC 1149                              

Telephone: 757-221-3862                          

Fax: 757-221-3896                                        


My research primarily focuses on the representation of action in the mind and brain. I am particularly interested in examining cognitive and neural processes under unique or challenging movement situations such as cases of injury, presence of barriers, or increased mental load. Several lines of research are underway including the effect of motor imagery on signal modulation at the cognitive, muscular, and neural level of processing, the effect of spatial constraint on cognition, and the effect of spinal cord injury on the perception of bodily motion and perception of pain. 

Additionally, my research extends into two other areas: perception of art and architecture and the quanitifction of the aesthetic experience, and, gender-based bias and differences in STEM disciplines. 

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