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Jennifer A. Stevens, Ph.D.

JenFirenzeAssociate Professor

Psychology Department & Neuroscience Program 

Office: ISC 1149                              

Telephone: 757-221-3862                          

Fax: 757-221-3896                                        


One area of my research focuses on the representation of the self and of the surrounding world. I am particularly interested in examining the cognitive and neural processes mediating unique or challenging movement situations. In particular, my lab is engaged in a line of inquiry examining the effect of environmental surround on cognition. Studies include the examination of imposed spatial barriers on cognitive ability, baseline measurements in spatially constrained surrounds, and the effect of stress on the perception of spatial surround. Additionally, we are interested in the process of action understanding and empathy in both typical and atypical populations. 

A second area of study extends my interest in visual and motor representation into the perception of art and architecture and the quantification of the aesthetic experience. Studies include the use of looking time as a predictor of aesthetic success or preference and the examination of eye movements in contextualized and decontextualized abstract works across typical and atypical populations. In addition, we are examining the theoretical relationship between the cognitive and neural processes mediating visual perception and the individual response to artistic works at the visual, emotional, and analytical level.

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