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Research and Scholarship

My research interests center on the intersection of democratic/social studies education and media, using socio-cultural theories of learning and a critical pragmatist perspective to analyze how teachers and students make sense of, and utilize, different forms of media in teaching and learning about history, politics, and what it means to be a citizen in a democracy. My training in learning sciences is somewhat rare in my field of democratic education, and I focus particularly how perspectives from the learning sciences (e.g., activity theory, expertise, epistemology) can influence and move the field of democratic education forward.

In particular, I am interested in how new media can be used to engage young people in developing an epistemological understanding of media (i.e., beyond a traditional notion of media literacy), how media transforms the nature of knowledge and engagement in the disciplines of history and politics - as well as how media can be used to engage students in the practices and knowledge of these disciplines.

I am also interested in the role that ideology plays in the production of curriculum and instructional media, as well as the practice of teachers (especially in conjunction with teacher personal epistemologies), in influencing student conceptions of citizenship and history within the context of social studies education. One goal of this work is to examine how aspects of media education can and should be integrated into democratic education in preparing citizens for the present and future of political participation in a mediated world.

Funded Research Projects

Chen, J. (PI) & Stoddard, J. (Co-PI). (under review). Connecting Authentic Archaeological and Scientific Inquiry at James Fort Using Virtual Reality. National Science Foundation. $1.28 million.

Stoddard, J. (2017). The inclusion of 9/11, terrorism, and the war on terror in state social studies standards update. September 11th Education Trust, 2000.00.

Stoddard, J. (2017). Virginia Civics Access Project. Virginia Public Access Project (funding partner). $5000.00.

Stoddard, J. (2015-2017). Exploring the Potential of Virtual Internships for Civic and Media Education. Spencer Foundation - New Civics Initiative. $50,000.

Stoddard, J. & Chen, J. (2015-16). Contract for program evaluation - The Summer Supreme Court Institute for Teachers. Street Law, Inc. $19,000.

Stoddard, J. The Challenge of Field-Based Historical Inquiry in K-12 Schools: A Comparative Study of Efforts in Singapore and the United States (2014-15). Faculty Fellow Program, Wendy & Emery Reves Center for International Studies, The College of William & Mary, $10,000.


Wilcox, et al. (2012-2014). WM-China Initiative for Film and New Media in Higher Education: Internationalization, Digital Learning, and Cross-Cultural Pedagogy. William & Mary Internationalization Fund, Wendy & Emery Reves Center for International Studies, $17,331.

Stoddard, J. & Levy, B. (2012-2014). Evaluating Colonial Williamsburg's The Idea of America (digital curriculum). The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Contract for $115,430. Joint project with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Stoddard, J. (2012). International Conference Grant. Wendy and Emery Reves Center for International Studies, College of William & Mary, $500.00.

Stoddard, J. (2011-2013). How Young People's Political Backgrounds Influence Their "Reading" and Discussion of Media. Spencer Foundation - New Civics Initiative. $40,000.

Tieso, C. L., & Stoddard, J. (2009-2012). Project Civis, a research-based social studies middle grades curriculum and professional development project focused on inclusive and democratic education. I led the design of the curriculum and implementation in urban districts in Alabama and Virginia. Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Program ($1.3 million)

Summer Research Award, College of William & Mary, 2008
Awarded $5000 for continued research on the use of media in teaching social studies.

Summer Research Award, College of William & Mary, 2007
Awarded $5000 for research project, "Traversing Time & Place: A Pedagogical Content Analysis of a Historical Virtual Field Trip Program."

"E-portfolio Help Desk" Technology Integration Project, College of William & Mary, 2007. Funding provided by Information Technology Department for development of the teacher education e-portfolio help site.

Information Literacy, Technology, and Problem-Based Learning Using the Big6TM
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Evaluating State Education Technology Programs Grant, 2004. Professional development project funded for three years at approximately $200,000 per year.

Project Big 6: Information Literacy, Research, and Technology Integration
Co-wrote Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Educational Technology Staff Development Grants awarded $400,000 for the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 school years.