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James H. Stronge, Ph.D.

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Student Achievment Goal Setting:
Using Data to Improve Achievement

James H. Stronge and Leslie W. Grant


Student Achievement Goal Setting

Qualities of Effective Principals (2008)

James H. Stronge


Qualities of Effective Principals

Qualities of Effective Teachers, 2nd Edition (2007)

James H. Stronge


Qualities of Effective Teachers

The Teacher Quality Index: A Protocol for Teacher Selection (2006)

James H. Stronge & Jennifer L. Hindman



Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality: Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Quality Teachers (2006)

James H. Stronge, Christopher R. Gareis, & Catherine A. Little

 Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality

Evaluating Teaching: A Guide to Current Thinking and Best Practice (2005)

James Stronge, Editor

 Evaluating Teaching

Linking Teacher Evaluation and Student Achievement (2005)

Pamela Tucker & James Stronge

 Linking Teacher Evaluation

Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers (2004)

James H. Stronge, Pamela D. Tucker, & Jennifer Hindman


Handbook on Educational Specialist Evaluation: Assessing and Improving Performance (2003)

James H. Stronge &
Pamela D. Tucker


Handbook on Teacher Evaluation: Assessing and Improving Performance (2003)

James H. Stronge &
Pamela D. Tucker


Superintendent Evaluation Handbook (2003)

Michael F. DiPaola & James H. Stronge


Handbook on Teacher Portfolios (2002)

Pamela D. Tucker, James H. Stronge, & Christopher R. Gareis


Educating Homeless Students (2000)

James H. Stronge & Evelyn Reed-Victor