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James H. Stronge, Ph.D.

Dr. Stronge's teaching emphases include graduate courses in human resource administration, legal issues in education, and conducting original research. The courses that he teaches and their descriptions are listed below.

EPPL 643 - Human Resources Management
A study of personnel services for educational and public agency administration. Selected personnel functions including planning, recruitment, selection, induction, compensation and evaluation are discussed.

EPPL 660 - Educational Law
An examination of principles of school law by use, in part, of the case study approach. Legal foundations of public and non-public schools are studied with consideration given to the Virginia School code. Basic legal principles and guidelines for assisting teachers, administrators, and professional support personnel are developed.

EPPL 733 - Seminar on Legal Issues in Education
An advanced seminar on school law designed to legal issues of interest to graduate students.

EPPL 765 - Applied Field Research
This course is designed to provide advanced graduate students with opportunities to apply their research knowledge to a research study in their area of interest in either educational administration, special education, gifted administration, or higher education. Emphasis is on conducting research in collaborating with faculty or graduate students.

EDUC 800 - Dissertation