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The Williamson Lab

Virus Ecology


Welcome to the Williamson Lab.  My research focus is on the ecology of viruses in freshwater and soil environments.  Viruses have significant impacts within microbial communities through bacterial mortality and horizontal gene transfer.  By killing bacteria, viruses can change the rates of different nutrient transformations - not to mention the fact that viral lysate (the stuff left behind from bacterium that ruptured due to a viral infection) is a rich nutrient source for surviving bacteria.  Through transduction, abortive infections, and lysogeny, viruses are capable of quickly introducing novel gene sets into bacterial genomes, ultimately driving host evolution.  For more information on what we do and why it's important, please check out the "Background" and "Research" links at left.  Student research drives progress in my lab group.  Interested undergraduate and graduate students should contact me directly about research opportunities.

E-mail: kewilliamson (at) wm (dot) edu

Office Telephone: (757) 221-2243