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Wustholz Group Members

Current members: Monica Alicea, Carolyn Farling, Kalie Fikse, Daniel Highland, Kelly Kopera, John Li, Polly Lynch, Becca Merriman-Goldring, Huw Richards, Christina Rubio

Summer 2018: Cheers to a great summer of research with these stellar students: John Li, Becca Merriman-Goldring, Polly Lynch, Carolyn Farling, Mikayla VanHooke

summer 2018













May 2017: Graduation party!!! Jenna Tan, Prof. Wustholz, Carolyn Farling, Kathleen Lauer, Kate Nelsen, Polly Lynch, Simran Rohatgi, Kalie Fikse, Seth Greenspan, Marisa Choffel, James Cassidy (and Shelle Butler, not pictured) - check out those awesome research-inspired grad gifts!

May 2017

Summer 2016: Shelle Butler, James Cassidy, Marisa Choffel, Seth Greenspan, Kate Nelsen, Jenna Tan, Simran Rohatgi, Kaelyn Warne

Summer 2016

Spring 2016: James Cassidy, Marisa Choffel, Heidi Crockett, Kalie Fikse, Seth Greenspan, John Kean, Mary Matecki, Kate Nelsen, Kan Tagami, Jenna Tan, Diana Roh, Simran Rohatgi, Jonathan Van Name, Kaelyn Warne

Group Spring 2015Spring 2015: Kristen Frano, Kan Tagami, Kaelyn Warne, Simran Rohatgi, Matt Mendonca, John Rose, John Kean, Diana Roh, Heidi Crockett, Seth Greenspan, Mary Matecki, Jenna Tan

Holiday Part 2014

Holiday Party 2014: Heidi Crockett, Seth Greenspan, Kristen Frano, John Kean, Mary Matecki, Matt Mendonca, Simran Rohatgi, Kan Tagami, Jenna Tan; Diana Roh and John Rose (out sick)

Group Summer 2014

Summer 2014: Kan Tagami, John Rose, John Kean, Kristen Frano, Diana Roh










Best Trick-or-Treaters Ever (2013): Heidi Crockett, Kristen Frano, John Kean, Hannah Mayhew, Matt Mendonca, Alana Ogata, Diana Roh, John Rose, Jenna Tan, Natalie Wong; (not pictured) Mary Matecki, Matt McCarron, Kan Tagami

Group Pic Summer 2013


Wustholz Group (Summer 2013) - The Delta Nu's

From left to right: Alana Ogata, Kristen Frano, Jenna Tan, Matt Mendonca, Natalie Wong, Dr. Wustholz, Hannah Mayhew


Wustholz Group 5/12











Wustholz Group (Spring 2012)

From left to right: Matt Blum, Matt McCarron, Andrew Sidhom, David Fabian, Stephen Dinehart, Dr. Wustholz, Alana Ogata, Lindsay Oakley, Jackie Blake-Hedges, Hannah Mayhew, Joy Russell, Sofia Garakyaraghi, Natalie Wong


 Summer 2011 - Jumping!









Wustholz Group (Summer 2011)

From left to right: Natalie Wong , Jackie Blake-Hedges,Joy Russell,  Stephen Dinehart, Prof. Wustholz, Lindsay Oakley










Wustholz Group (Spring 2011)

From left to right: Jackie Blake-Hedges, Lindsay Oakley, Andrew Sidhom, Stephen Dinehart, Natalie Wong 


Group Alumni