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Selected Courses:

Study of Language (Ling 220): An introduction to linguistics that covers theoretical, applied, and sociocultural disciplines. Re-designed as a COLL 200 for the College Curriculum

History of the English Language (Ling/Engl 303) A study of English from Old English to the present, with attention to variation and globalization.

Language and Culture (Ling/Anth 308): A introduction to sociocultural linguistics that includes strong fieldwork and disciplinary writing components. Enriched with a University Teaching Project grant

Discourse Analysis (Ling/Engl 474): A hands-on research seminar that examines language in its linguistic and social contexts and applies the methods of discourse analysis to real-world issues in politics, forensics, and marketing. Developed with a University Teaching Project grant

Language and Gender (Ling 474/GSWS 390): A discussion-based research seminar that explores sociolinguistic approaches to gender and practices disciplinary writing.

Sociolinguistic Field Methods (Ling 441): A research seminar that allows students to learn a variety of sociolinguistic methods and to produce a major fieldwork-based project. Re-designed as a COLL 400 for the College Curriculum