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Published Research


“Factors that Facilitate Nash Behavior in Oligopoly Markets: A Survey of Recent   Experimental Findings” (with B. Freeborn and J. Hulbert), forthcoming in Nash Equilibrium, Frank Columbus, ed. New York: Nova Publishers.

Measuring Altruism in a Public Goods Experiment: A Comparison of U.S. and Czech Subjects (with F. DiTraglia and J.Gerlach), forthcoming in Experimental Economics.


Did the Devil Make Them Do It? The Effects of Religion in Public Goods and Trust Games (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo), Kyklos: "International Review for Social Sciences, 2010, 63(2): 163-175. 

Location, Location, Location! A Classroom Demonstration of the Hotelling Model (with B. Freeborn et al.), Perspectives on Economic Education Research, 2010, 6(1): 48-71.

Tacit Collusion in Price-Setting Duopoly Markets: Experimental Evidence with Complements and Substitutes (with B. Freeborn and C. Holt), Southern Economic Journal, 2010, 76(3): 577-591 (lead article).

 Varying the Intensity of Competition in a Multiple Prize Rent Seeking Experiment (with B. Freeborn), Public Choice, 2010, 143(1): 237-254.


Are Risk Preferences Stable? Comparing an Experimental Measure with a Validated Survey-Based Measure (with J. Mellor), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2009, 39(2): 137-160.   

Cascade Experiments (with C. Holt), The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, L. Blume and S. Durlauf (eds.).

Individual Decision-Making Experiments with Risk and Intertemoral Choice (with S. Stafford), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, February 2009.

Religion and Cooperation in a Public Goods Experiment (with J. Mellor),  Economics Letters, 2009, 105(1): 58-60 . 


Congestion Pricing and Welfare: An Entry Experiment (with C. Holt and D. Reiley), Experimental Methods in Environmental Economics, Todd Cherry, Editor, Routledge Publishing, 2008.

Inequality, Group Cohesion, and Public Goods Provision: An Experimental Analysis (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo),  Journal of Socio-Economics, June 2008.

Predicting Health Behaviors with an Experimental Measure of Risk Preference (with J. Mellor), Journal of Health Economics, September 2008.

Production and Gains from Trade (with E. Blanchard, K. Chaston, C. Holt, L. Razzolini and R.  Singleton), Perspectives on Economic Education Research, Spring 2008.

Who Chooses Annuities? An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Gender, Framing and Defaults (with J. Agnew, J. Gerlach and L. Szykman), The American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2008.


The Economic Approach to Cooperation and Trust: Lessons for the Study of Social Capital and Health (with J. Mellor) in Social Capital and Health, Kawachi, Subramanian and Kim, editors, Springer Publishing, 2007.

Yes, Wall Street, There is a January Effect: Evidence from Laboratory Auctions (with J. Gerlach and F. DiTraglia), The Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2007.


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Induced Heterogeneity in Trust Experiments (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo), Experimental Economics, September 2006.

Does Crime Pay: A Classroom Demonstration of Monitoring and Enforcement (with S. Stafford), Southern Economic Journal, April 2006.


Do Liberals Play Nice? The Effects of Party and Political Ideology (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo), in Advances in Applied Microeconomics, Volume 13: Experiments in Behavioral Economics, Elsevier/JAI Press, John Morgan (ed.), 2005.

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Social Capital and Contributions in a Public Goods Experiment (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2004.


Punishment in a Regulatory Setting: Experimental Evidence from the VCM  (with S. Stafford), Journal of Regulatory Economics, July 2003: data

An Experimental Analysis of Rent Seeking Under Varying Competitive Conditions (with S. Stafford), Public Choice, April 2003: data

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Payoff Effects in Information Cascade Experiments Economic Inquiry, October 2001: no payoff data, $2 payoff data, $4 payoff data, estimation program (error parameter does not vary across rounds)

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Choosing Winners and Losers in a Permit Trading Game (with S. Stafford), The Southern Economic Journal, July 2000.

Cultural Differences in Attitudes Toward Bargaining (with Y. Rodgers and R. Rodriguez), Economics Letters, 2000:    U.S. Data, Honduras Data


Agendas and Strategic Voting (with C. Holt), The Southern Economic Journal, January 1999.


Information Cascades in the Laboratory (with C. Holt), The American Economic Review, December 1997: symmetric treatment data, asymmetric treatment data


Information Cascades (with C. Holt), The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 1996.

Understanding Bayes' Rule (with C. Holt), The Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 1996.

Working Papers

An Experimental Study of the Effect of Announcements on Public Goods Contributions (with S. Stafford), instructions,  revisions requested.

Inequality and Public Good Provision: An Experimental Analysis (with J. Mellor and J. Milyo).

Risk Aversion and Tacit Collusion in a Bertrand Duopoly Experiment (with B. Freeborn and J. Hulbert), revisions requested.