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GSA Kayak Raffle
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Kayak built by Dr. Jim Perry

Congratulations to HELEN QUINBY, winner of the GSA Kayak raffle!

Thanks to everyone who supported this raffle. You helped us raise about $4000 to support graduate student research and conference travel in the years ahead.

Special thanks to those who worked behind the scenes to make this happen, many of whom are members of the GSA Fundraising Committee:

Carissa Wilkerson: email sales, Marine Science Day prep
Kelsey Fall: jump-starting the raffle through May 2012, Marine Science Day
Cassie Glaspie: Marine Science Day, outside sales and kayak delivery!
Ali Deary: kayak delivery, sales, Marine Science Day, distant poster placement & ideas
Sam Lake: distant poster placement & Marine Science Day
Jaime Blackburn: Marine Science Day, early sales prep (and eBay!)
Jenna Luek, Gina Ralph & Christie Pondell: assisting with outside sales
Theresa Davenport: local poster placement & ideas
Allison Colden: distant poster placement & ideas
Matt Freedman: yardsale coordination
Gar Secrist: kayak delivery
Dave Malmquist: promotions

...and, of course, to Jim Perry for building the gorgeous kayak, Karen Aneiro for the stunning artwork and to Charlie Barton for donating it to VIMS!

(forgive me if I forgot a name – please remind me so I can properly acknowledge your contribution…)'s  been an honor to work with you all! -Lori


This 17' western cedar strip kayak was handmade by Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) professor Dr. Jim Perry and donated to VIMS to support graduate student research. The body of the kayak is constructed of red cedar, white poplar, and mahogany. It has been varnished with polyurethane to retain the rich color of the wood and protect it from UV damage. The painting and design were completed by local artist, Karen Aneiro of Barhamsville, VA. The design is modeled after the totem of the Algonquin tribes of eastern Virginia to represent the journey of hatching sea turtles as they follow the moon into the sea. There are fore and aft watertight hatches for storage. This is a one-of-a-kind vessel that is both beautiful and utilitarian!

Proceeds from the raffle of this kayak will support graduate student research at VIMS to further the international presence of VIMS as a cutting edge marine research institute.


Detailed image of turtule image on kayak.

Raffle Details

How much?

1 ticket for $10

5 tickets for $40

10 tickets for $75

15 tickets for $100


When is the drawing?

The drawing will occur at the VIMS yard sale on 25 August 2012.

Due to inclement weather, the yard sale has been postponed until further notice. To accommodate those who were planning to purchase tickets at the yard sale, we will accept checks by mail until Friday, 31 August [mail payment to: VIMS Kayak sales // c/o L Sutter // PO Box 1346 // Gloucester Pt, VA 23062]. The drawing will take place Friday afternoon, and the winner will be notified by email/phone.

The drawing took place in front of the kayak in CBH at VIMS - 3PM on Friday, 31 August.


How do I get my tickets?

Send an email to We will coordinate payment and send you the electronic receipt and your scanned ticket stub.


Thanks for supporting VIMS graduate students!

A group of campers is ready to catch critters at VIMS.

A crew of students catching small fish for research.

  A student pulls a crab pot that is used for research on blue crabs.