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Courses Taken Elsewhere - Summer

summer_textbooksStudent wishing to take courses in summer at a different institution must fill out two forms, have them signed, and submit them to the Registrar.

1. Permission to take courses elsewhere - Summer (PDF)

2. Request for Exceptions to Degree Requirements (PDF)

1. You must obtain permission to take courses elsewhere in advance. This form must be completed and submitted by the last day of Spring classes.

2. Approved courses can only receive elective credit. (After matriculation, you must take major, minor, GERs and proficiency courses at William & Mary.)

3. Courses must be at least four weeks long and carry 12.5 contact hours per semester credit.

4. Courses lasting six weeks or longer must meet for at least 32.5 contact hours for a three credit course.

5. Up to 16 credit hours may be transferred for one summer, and the credit does count toward the 10 semester rule.

6. You cannot transfer courses for which you have already received credit.

7. You must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better. Only the credit, not the grade, will transfer.

8. You must complete your final two full-time semesters (unbroken by coursework elsewhere) at William and Mary.

9. You must be in good standing, academically and judicially, at William and Mary at the time of approval and transfer of credit.

10. Students who wish to take transfer credits while on a medical leave are cautioned to take no more than 6-8 credits, due to the expectation that the student will be addressing medical needs while on leave.

1. Complete the Permission to Take Courses Elsewhere Form – Summer Session. Submit it by the last day of Spring classes.

2. Provide course description, including term dates, credits, etc. from the Summer Schedule of Classes for each course you are requesting to take. (If you wish to attend a Virginia Community College or Richard Bland College, course descriptions are not necessary.)

3. Return descriptions and this form to the Office of the University Registrar, Blow Hall. Some courses will require departmental evaluation before they can be approved. Review of Summer requests to take courses elsewhere will begin on April 1. Deadline: last day of Spring classes.

4. When the course is complete, send an official transcript of the coursework taken to: Office of the University Registrar, ATTN: Courses Taken Elsewhere, PO Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795.