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How to Declare a Neuroscience Major

What are the basic steps to declaring a NSCI major?

  1. Review the current Neuroscience major requirements on the Registrar's web site (adopted 8/27/14)
  2. Choose a NSCI faculty advisor from the list on the Neuroscience website under Advising;
  3. Download and complete the Declaration of Major Form from the Registrar's website;
  4. Make an appointment with your chosen advisor to plan your remaining semesters before graduation;
  5. Get advisor's signature on your Declaration of Major Form; and
  6. Turn in your completed Declaration of Major Form to the Registrar in Blow Hall, Rm 108.

How do I choose an advisor?

The role of an advisor is to help you guide you through your major and answer questions about post-graduate possibilities.  You should think of an advisor as a person with whom you will establish a professional working relationship.  Typically, an advisor would know you well enough by the time you graduate to write a letter of recommendation for you for internships, graduate or professional school, or for a job.   When choosing an advisor, you might consider your general or research interests, as well as whether you feel comfortable with that person.  Although not very common, some students switch advisors when their interests take a different path.

Hmm.  I don't know anyone on the advisor list. And I have other questions not answered on the NSCI web site.

Not a problem!   Email me at

to set up an appointment.  As NSCI Coordinator, I can meet with you, answer questions about the major, make a 4-yr plan, review requirements, or help you choose an advisor, if you wish.    

Looking for previous Neuroscience major requirements? Previous Neuroscience major curricula are found in the archived catalogs on the Registrar's web site. Choose the the school year* in which you declared your NSCI major for a list of for requirements.