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Letters of Recommendation

letterimage1. Ask for a letter of recommendation.

Faculty are not obligated to write letters of recommendation, but do so as part of their professional service.  Choose letter writers who can provide specific, positive examples of the knowledge and skills you wish to promote.  As teaching faculty and/or your advisor, I will tell you if I am unable you write for you.

2. Fill out the Letter of Recommmendation Form and the Data_Source Excel sheet.  Make sure you change the name of the Data_Source file to include your name

   a. Letter of Recommendation Form

   b. Data_Source Excel sheet

3. Write or update your CV. Fill out any forms the program has sent you.  Waive your right to see the letters on all forms. 

4. Make an appointment one month before you need the first letter. 
We'll discuss your plans and any information relevant to the construction of my letter. I may have time to complete your letters even if we meet less than one month before the first one is due. Just ask.

5. Send your materials to me. Include

    a. the 2 forms above

    b. your CV (different from a resume)

    c. any personal statements