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Fall 2017

Health Disparities. (INTR150/COLL150). Freshman Seminar, Sharpe

Summer 2017

Emerging Research in Action. (INTR301/COLL300), online course

Fall 2016

Health Disparities. (INTR150W). Freshman Seminar, Sharpe

Fall 2015

Culture, Identity, and Social Change. (INTR150W). Freshman Seminar, Sharpe

Fall 2014

Activism and the Cultural Arts. (CMST150W). Freshman Seminar in Sharpe

Spring 2014 Qualitative Research Methods (EDUC694B). Doctoral Students' Seminar.

Fall 2013 Qualitative Research Methods (EDUC694A). Doctoral Students' Seminar.

Spring 2013

Topics Seminar: Capstone Development in CMST (CMST450). CMST Minor.

Fall 2012

Literacy and Social Change (INTR150W/CMST250). Freshman Seminar in Sharpe.

Spring 2012

Qualitative Research Methods (EDUC 664). Graduate Level.

Summers 2011 and 2012

Sociology of (Higher) Education (EPPL 751). Graduate level, colloquium seminar.

Spring 2011

Internship in Educational Policy and Planning (EPPL 550). Graduate level,

Fall 2009

Community Studies: Critical Engagement in Context (CMST350).

Spring 2009

Topics Seminar: Engagement Outreach and Communications (INTR
450). Upper level research seminar, co-designed with Director of Communications, A&S, to engage students in a strategic process for developing communications for engagement programs.

Topics Seminar: Civic Engagement in American Studies-the Case of W&M
(INTR 450). Graduate level independent action research to assess faculty and alumni involvement in service-learning, civic engagement, and engaged scholarship.

Fall 2008-9

Sharpe Scholars Freshman Seminar: Sociological Perspectives in
Community Health
(SOC150W). Freshman service-learning seminar, designed to integrate public health, medical sociology, and community partnering with health agencies at the local and state levels.

Fall 2008

Topics Seminar: American Studies and Community Engagement (INTR 450).
Graduate level independent study of civic engagement underpinnings in American Studies as an interdisciplinary program in general.

Topics Independent Study:  Newborn Immigrant Citizenship Initiative (INTR 450). Upper level action research course in which students developed informational materials for non-profit agencies to share with immigrant, new mothers.

Topics Seminar: Civic Engagement (INTR 450). Upper level engaged scholarship course, co-developed with Student Peer Facilitators to lead reflection discussion on civic engagement philosophies and practice, as a context for multiple service-learning projects.

Fall 2007

Topics Seminar: Alternative Education in Williamsburg (INTR 450). Co-taught upper-level seminar to investigate policies and pedagogical approaches to restructuring alternative education in Williamsburg.


Topics Seminar: Working Poor (INTR 450). Co-taught seminar to conduct a study on awareness and accessibility to health services for the working poor of Williamsburg with Olde Towne Medical Center.

Fall, Spring 2005-Present

The College and the Community (INTR 100, formerly INTR 491). Program course for the Sharpe Community Scholars Program, collectively designed each year to orient students to civic engagement, in Williamsburg and in other regions.


Topics Seminar: Community-based Research in Greater Williamsburg (INTR 450). Upper level action research course, designed to partner 4-5 interns with United Way of Greater Williamsburg to complete funded agency assessment and better understand social issues in the region.


Topics Seminar: Tao of Hundred Acre Wood-the Sharpe-Alumni Partnership in Community-Based Learning (INTR 450). Upper level action research course to develop 3-day service-learning workshop for alumni who support Sharpe Summer Scholarships.


Freshman Seminar: Race Culture (SOC150W). Designed freshman seminar course in Sociology, in order to explore socio-cultural dynamics of race identity, interpretive meanings in historical renderings of race, and contemporary attitudes toward race policy, such as affirmative action and reparations.

1994-2001 W&M Sociology Department Courses (consult Course Catalog for descriptions)

Principles of Sociology (intro.) Medical Sociology (upper)
American Society (intro.) Sociology of Religion (upper)
Social Problems (intro.) Sociological Theory (upper/majors)
Society and the Individual (intro.) Sociology of Knowledge (upper)

Topics Seminar: Race, Class, Gender, and the Social Construction of Health (SOC 450). Designed upper level seminar to examine the intersection of race, class, and gender variables with health experiences and outcomes; explored cultural dimensions of the social construction of health for minority populations.

Christopher Newport University (Newport News, VA)

2002-2003 Society and the Individual (SOCL 205; now called Identity, Community and the Individual; introductory level)

University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

1991-2 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Lab Instructor.

Research Methods (mid-level, majors course)
1992-3 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Discussion Section Leader.
Introduction to African American Studies (introductory level)
1994 Instructor. University Internship Program, Washington, DC. Led classes in DC offices, to facilitate student reflection on media and communications internship placements in
the region.