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Fall and Summer (3)
An introduction to general organizational theories and their application in educational settings. Attention is given to developing the leadership competencies needed for entry-level administrative positions. Influences of local, state, and federal levels of government on school administration are examined.

Spring (3)
Prerequisites: EPPL 501

A course focused on administrative knowledge and skills related to the effective management of school sites. Attention is given to the role of the principal in planning, organizing, and monitoring the effective use of finance, facilities, and technology. Cases and concepts are applied to school improvement practices.

Budget 550

Spring (3)
Prerequisites: EPPL 501, EPPL 502 or permission of instructor.

This course explores the relationship among professional development, instructional supervision, and ongoing improvement of teaching and learning. Students examine the role of the educational leaders in creating a culture of change that promotes organizational success and personal and professional growth for all members of the school community.

Spring; Summer of even-numbered years (3)
This course provides the opportunity to examine theoretical and practical applications of leadership in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required of an effective leader in contemporary educational settings.


EDUC 403      Special Topics in Education (William & Mary)

EPPL 501        Organization Dynamics (Rutgers & William & Mary)

EPPL 502        Educational Leadership (William & Mary)

EPPL 536        Supervision of Instruction (Rutgers and William & Mary)

EPPL 550        The Principalship (William & Mary)

EPPL 586        Internship in Administration (William & Mary)

EPPL 603        Leadership in Education (William & Mary)

EPPL 631        Educational Facilities (William & Mary)

EPPL 645        Superintendency Team (William & Mary)

EPPL 675        Planning and Management in Finance (William & Mary)

EPPL 760        Independent Study in Educational, Policy, Planning, and Leadership (William & Mary)

EPPL 790        Research Seminar in EPPL (William & Mary)

EPPL 800        Dissertation (William & Mary)