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IR Playlist

IR Playlist

During the Fall of 2005 I began playing "IR-themed" music at the beginning of my 8 and 9am Introduction to International Relations courses at William and Mary. Each day I would use the ten minutes before class to blast a song on repeat related to that day's lecture while displaying the title, artist, and study topic via powerpoint. While I wait for the overwhelming evidence of increased understanding of IR theory that will undoubtably come any day now, at the very least my students seem a bit more awake.

The original playlist I recieved from Kate Weaver at the University of Kansas has been subsequently modified by fellow faculty, students, and my very talented ex-RA Jess to produce the working list shown here. As I am always looking for ways to rectify the bad musical tastes of my colleagues, however, I encourage you to submit your own ideas about song changes or omitted topics below.

To submit your suggestions, please complete the attached form. To view current submissions, view the attached spreadsheet


A short article on the playlist, Schoolhouse Rock: Pedagogy, Politics, and Pop can be found here