The Monitor: Journal of International Studies
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The Monitor Journal

The Monitor is the College of William and Mary's journal of international studies. We publish a journal each semester featuring articles with original research from students at the College. Each semester we strive to create a journal that offers fresh and innovative perspectives on global events.


We are now accepting submissions for our Spring 2018 Issue! If you have work that you would like to submit, please visit the Submit to the Journal page for more information. 

Our Spring 2017 Issue is online! It features articles on Chinese IR theory, the increasingly-crucial politics of the South China Sea, a study of the BRICS bank and its implications for a shifting world order, and the Chilean Arpillera movement's use of political art to resist the Pinochet regime. These articles, as well as many more from years past, can be found on our Issues page. 

In an effort to expand the breadth of material the Monitor publishes, we are excited to announce that the Monitor has started a blog. This effort will deliver the same thorough and keenly critical perspectives that our readers have come to expect, but in a shorter form that will allow us to keep abreast of a rapidly-changing international environment. Visit our blog here.