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Older Issues

Spring 2002: Volume 8, Issue 2

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"Options and Opportunities: Renegotiating American Foreign Policy on Iraq in the George W. Bush Administration" by Diana M. Kelly
"In God We Trust: Religion's Influence on Foreign Policy" by Katherine Gallagher
"What is the Place of Nationalist Political Parties in Britain?" by Kristi Jamrisko
"Breaking the Shackles of the Past: South Africa's New Legal System" by Jacob Harrison Rooksby
"State-Building and Modernization: The Negligible Effects of Colonialism in the Great Game" by Jen Keister
"A Tale of Two Disasters: A Comparison of Earthquake Relief Efforts in Gujarat, India and El Salvador" by Raj Buck

Fall 2001: Volume 8, Issue 1

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"Sanctions' Effects on Human Rights Violations" by Katherine Gallagher
"IT in China: The Digital Dilemma" by Steven Roush
"National Identity On Trial: The Case of Post-Revolutionary Cuba Race, Socialism and Disunity" by Peter Kwaku Maybarduk
"Limited Capability: A History and Review of South Africa's Nuclear Weapons Program" by Isaac Adams
"The Sky is Falling: American Hegemony in a Blowback World" by Katherine Bowerman
"Islam and Pakistan: Policy Implications" by Tamara Sonn


Spring 2001: Volume 7, Issue 2

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"Wienerschnitzel and Döner Kebab: The Integration Process for Turks in Germany" by Christelle Klovers
"The Development and Characteristics of Islam's Messianic Figure: The Mahdi" by Daniel Vaca
" 'What Should the United Nations Be Doing?' Fiscal Crisis, Representation, and UN Reform" by Owen Thomas Grimes
"Development or Destruction? A Study of the Amazon Basin" by Emily Furia
"The Efficacy of Strategic Bombing: World War II to the Kosovo Campaign" by Greg Tomlin
"The Role of Islam in Egyptian Politics" by Justin Fabeny
"Afro-Cuban Identity in Pre-Revolutionary Cuba: The Dynamic Ethnie" by Peter Kwaku Maybarduk


Fall 2000: Volume 7, Issue 1

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"Sino-India Relations: A New Issue Hinders the Establishment of Friendly Relations" by Nhon Nguyen
"A Study of Welsh Culture and Staying Power in Wales and Argentina" by Margaret H. Blabey
"Causes of Spirit Possession in African Women" by Maria Cruz
"The Russian Mafia and its Impact on the Russian Economy" by Jeffrey R. Hatcher
"The Decline of Clerics in the Iranian Majles" by James W. Heslep
"Liberation Theology and Its Role in Latin America" by Elisabeth Erin Williams

"Causes of Spirit Possession in African Women" by Maria Cruz
"The Russian Mafia and its Impact on the Russian Economy" by Jeffrey R. Hatcher


Spring 2000: Volume 6, Issue 2

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"The Self-Identities of Zainichi Koreans" by Jin Saeng So
"The Effects of the 1997 East Asian Financial Crisis on the Incidence of Child Labor" by Kate Hall
"Anna Rosmus: Uncovering the Past" by Alice Elizabeth Walkup
"Glasnot and God: The Emerging Identity of Ukranian Evangelical Believers" by Karen Dause
"A Civilized Progression Towards Imbalance: The Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on the Cultural Roles of West African Women" by Peter Kwaku Maybarduk
"American Military-Base Prostitution" by Jennifer Latstetter


Fall 1999: Volume 6, Issue 1

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"The Role of Foreign Accents in the Acculturation Process" by Katharine French-Fuller
"Trouble in Paradise: Ethnonationalism and Conflict in Bhutan" by Neela Rathinasamy
"Ten Years Without the Berlin Wall: Exploring Current Perspectives on Reunified Germany" by Laura B. Koetter
"Everything Not in Moderation: Indonesia's Excess; The Undermining of the Indonesian Banking System" by Amanda Creed
"The Adaptation of the Inquisition to Spanish America" by Kimberly Lynn
"The Dragon, the Sun, and the Eagle over the Horizion: An Analysis of Sino-Japanese-American Power in the Far East" by Chris Farnsworth


Winter 1998: Volume 5, Issue 2

"The Secularization of Ireland: The Declining Influence of the Catholic Church on Irish Social Policy" by Anjali Kharod
"The Significance of Ritual Female Circumcision and Infibulation" by Shannon Flynn
"The Effects of Economic Reform and Government Policy on the Postwar Japanese Economy, 1945-1955" by Jason Maga
"The Nicaraguan Women's Movement and the Sandinista Revolution: A Failure to Recognize the Need for Symbiosis" by Jill Zabloski
"The Case of South Africa's Proliferation and De-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" by Elizabeth Ratliff


Spring 1998: Volume 5, Issue 1

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"Towards European Unification: The European Court of Justice and the European Parliament" by Heather Andersen
"Ozone Depletion and Environmental Law" by Karen Phillips
"A Cry for Help: Child Labor Problems in India" by Chris Hoskin
"Wrath of Economic Sanctions" by Adib Mattar
"Rural to Urban Migration and its Effects on Kenyan Women" by Tracey Smith
"British Influence on the Classical Indian Dance of Bharata Natyam" by Arti Shah
"The Rise of Postmodernism and the Globalization of Society" by Mary Elen Tsekos
"Seeds of Peace: Leading the Leaders" by Meredith Katz