Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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All Officers

Arrive promptly for meetings and stay after when necessary to confer with each other and the directors.

Set a positive example of professional behavior at all rehearsala.  Be particularly alert to the special needs of the Finale choreographer.

Make sure all members understand that meetings are mandatory.

Return early in the Fall to run the Dance Placement Evaluation with the faculty.  This includes organizing the incoming students and serving as demonstrators.

Label archival photographs and update studio and hall bulletin boards and 1st floor trophy cabinet with photos and Dance Program information before classes begin in the Fall.

Attend Theatre and Dance Open House and Activities Night during Orientation to meet students interested in the William and Mary Dance Program.

Orchesis Auditions: Run the practice session including creation of a "long phrase" developed from the previous year's choreography.  Stay after auditions to go over the members' evaluation sheets and provide input to the directors.  Write out and deliver invitations to new members.

Attend Black and White photo session (for lobby display) to assist each member with poses for the camera.  Plan the company shot.

Mount and remove sign boards on Jamestown Road, decorate Green Room, and help organize members for load-in and strike for DANCEVENT and An Evening of Dance.

Plan and lead the Finale, EOD tech/dress rehearsal, and EOD performance warm-ups.

Attend old/new officers meeting with directors in the Spring to review the previous year, plan for Fall, and suggest policy revisions as needed.