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Attendance Policies

Attendance is required for all meetings, rehearsals, and performances.  Scheduling for individual dances is organized to fit with member course schedules as provided by each member.  Once schedules are set, each member is responsible for informing professors for other courses, co-workers in student organizations, and employers of their Orchesis course commitments including meetings, studio and theatre rehearsals, and performances.

If a member is unable to attend EOD casting due to illness, family emergeny or study abroad, he or she may be placed in a dance at the discretion of the choreographers and directors.  A member failing to attend for any other reason cannot be guaranteed that he or she will dance in the Spring Concert or continue as a member of Orchesis.

Excusable absences in all circumstances:

    1) Two tests, two papers, or a test and a paper the following day.  Please note: Prior notification at least one week in advance to the choreographer and directors is required to allow time to reschedule.

    2) Serious illness which requires a member to be in the hospital, in the Student Health Center, or in bed.  Please document with a doctor's note.

    3) A family emergency of other special circumstance approved by the directors.

Excusable absences in limited circumstances:

    1) Due to the difficulty in rescheduling, there will be no excused absences beyond those listed above for DANCEVENT rehearsals, Finale rehearsals, or tech/dress rehearsals for both concerts.

    2) For other Orchesis rehearsals or meetings, the final week dress rehearsal or performance for one other College production may be excused with advance notice to the directors.  Only one performance week will be excused per academic year. Orchesis members are required, in turn, to inform other productions of their commitments to Orchesis.

    3) For other Orchesis rehearsals or meetings, one absence per year for personal reasons may be excused with advance notice to the directors.

Communication about absences:  If a member is unable to attend a meeting, he or she should notify a director.  If a member is unable to attend a rehearsal, he or she should notify both a director and the affected choreographer.  Officers and choreographers do not have the authority to excuse a dancer from a meeting or rehearsal.  If an absence is taken due to “two tests, two papers, or a test and a paper on the following day,” performance week of another production, or a personal reason, the directors must be notified in advance so that the rehearsal can be rescheduled.  No rehearsal may be canceled, but must be rescheduled.  If a member does not provide advanced notice so that rescheduling is a possibility, then that absence is not excused.  Communicating well about potential absences is a way to show respect for other company members and to support choreographers in creating new works.