Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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2018 Audition Dates



Audition Process

Through this audition, prospective Orchesis members will be asked to demonstrate their current command of technique and their performance ability through three short movement phrases and one long phrase. You will also be asked to perform a short example (1-2 minutes is fine) of your own choreography or other choreography which shows your performing abilities to best advantage. Sound equipment will be available to play iPods and CDs, or you may perform in silence if you prefer. Please be aware that the studio has a wood floor and the use of rosin is not permitted.


The Orchesis officers will lead the practice session and the audition as well as answer questions while you practice the movement phrases. You are also welcome to ask questions of any of the faculty directors. The returning members of Orchesis will be present for the final audition.


If you are not invited to join Orchesis this year, we hope you will continue to seek out other performing opportunities in the Dance Program. There is often a need for dancers in Group Choreography projects (Fall) and Dance Minors Concert projects (Spring). We also encourage you to meet with a faculty member to receive feedback about your audition and advice about preparing for future Orchesis auditions.


If you are invited to join Orchesis, you will receive permission to register for Performance Ensemble (Danc 321) which you must do before the end of add/drop. Please note: You will be expected to enroll in a modern technique class concurrently with Performance Ensemble.


For more information please contact:

Joan Gavaler (jsgava@wm.edu)

Leah Glenn (lfglen@wm.edu)

or Denise Wade (dydamo@wm.edu).