Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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Dance Faculty Contacts:

Joan Gavaler -- jsgava@wm.edu -- 221-2785
Leah Glenn -- lfglen@wm.edu - 221-2782
Denise Wade -- dydamo@wm.edu - 221-2786

Theatre Faculty Contacts:

Meg Hamilton (Technical Director of DANCEVENT and An Evening of Dance) has final approval over technical requests and requirements.

Olivia Levering (Publicity/Box Office Manager) coordinates the William and Mary Theatre and Dance Season including press release, poster, postcard, program, lobby display, and other publicity efforts.

Steve Holiday (Lighting Designer) advises student designers for EOD.  He may also be able to provide advice to choreographers.

Tric Wesp (Costume Designer) may be available to provide advice to choreographers.

Mary Jo Damon (Costume Shop Manager) may be available to provide advice to choreographers.

A company contact sheet (including director contact information) will be prepared by the Orchesis Secretary for the first company meeting in the Fall.  The Secretary will provide updated contact sheets during the year.

Faculty choreographers maintain regular office hours and are availible to meet with the members who perform in their pieces for DANCEVENT.

Members may bring questions and concerns to any of the directors at any time, or they may bring questions and concerns to their choreographer or any of the officers who will then speak with the directors.  Members may also bring up questions and concerns in any of the company meetings.  A member's request for a special exception to any of these policies must be approved by the directors.

At the end of the Spring semester, each member will complete an assessment form that asks for feedback about performing in EOD as well as feedback about Orchesis dance company across the entire year.  In addition, choreographers will complete an assessment form for each of their pieces.  These forms are due by the final company meeting of the year.