Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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Costume Chairpersons

Check to see if any supplies are needed (first aid, safety pins, needles and thread, hairspray, Kleenex, detergent, plastic hangers, newspaper, masking tape, index cards, markers, etc) prior to load-in.  Check the list of needed supplies from the previous year one week before load-in.

Create index cards with each company member's name before load-in.

Check costumes (pulled and labeled by choreographers) and props.  Collect sewing kit, first aid kit, ice cups, hampers, detergent, hangers, iron, SM kit, etc.  Transfer to PBK on Friday prior to tech weekend.

Set-up dressing rooms and create a costume list for each dancer.  Distribute supplies between two rooms.  Post tech schedule, roster, strike crews, program order, photo call order, etc as needed.

Straighten up dressing rooms so that classes may meet during the day.  Help care for costumes after each rehearsal and performance.  Remind members that no food or drink should be brought into the dressing rooms or green room.

Transfer costumes and supplies to Adair on night of strike.  Inventory supplies upon return to Adair and create a list of what is needed for the following year.  Launder, dry, and return EOD costumes to Adair ASAP.

Inventory costumes with directors after An Evening of Dance.