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Course Evaluation and Grading

Faculty evaluation of members' course work in DANC 321 and 322 includes the following:

Consistent attendance at rehearsals and meetings.

Level of professionalism in rehearsals and performances (arriving on time warmed up and ready to go, working in a cooperative and alert way, practicing and remembering movement, applying notes and adapting to changes, assisting with screens or other equipment in Adair, etc).

Increased performance ability.

Fulfilling production responsibilities of Orchesis membership such as marley load-in, concert strike, sign boards, poster distribution, B&W photo call, etc.

Completion of assessment form (due at the final Spring company meeting).

Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from Orchesis.  Unexcused absences or any other matter considered serious by a choreographer or officer will be reviewed by the officers and directors and may result in dismissal from Orchesis.  One unexcused absence, chronic lateness (more than twice), and other unprofessional behavior will adversely affect the final grade for Performance Ensemble.