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Kathryn's pieceOrchesis is the name of the modern dance company sponsored by the Dance Program in the Department of Theatre, Speech, and Dance at the College of William and Mary.  Members of Orchesis received credit for their work under Performance Ensemble (DANC 321 and 322).  This handbook describes the course policies for Performance Ensemble.


This course provides an opportunity for advanced students, mentored by faculty, to develop their performance and technical skills, contribute to concert production work, create original choreography, and increase their abilities to work both independently and collaboratively.  Orchesis seeks to stimulate the growth and the development of inventive concepts in dance by producing original faculty and student choreography for the College and local community.  Orchesis is presented at Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall as part of the William and Mary Theatre and Dance Seasion and constitutes the public face of the William and Mary Dance Program.

Intangible Realities






Choreographers for An Evening of Dance

Meetings and Rehearsals

Attendance Policies

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Course Evaluation and Grading