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Meetings and Rehearsals

In most years, it is possible for all Orchesis members to be cast in the Fall Concert (DANCEVENT).  Rehearsals for DANCEVENT are generally held for two hours per dance twice a week beginning the day after company auditions.  Therefore, the commitment is four hours per week plus a 15-minute warm-up period scheduled prior to each rehearsal block.  Dancers are expected to arrive at the start of that period and use the time to warm up effectively.  The choreography for DANCEVENT is a faculty research; therefore the concert may include works with guest performers.

Rehearsals for the Spring Concert (An Evening of Dance) are generally held once a week for one and a half hours per dance beginning the day after casting.  In addition, regular 2-hour Finale rehearsals will be scheduled for all members; therefore, the minimum commitment for the Spring Concert is three and a half hours per week in addition to the 15 minute warm-up period scheduled prior to each rehearsal block.  Dancers are expected to arrive at the start of the period and to use the time to warm up effectively.

Studio Rehearsal Scheduling: Allowances will be made in determining rehearsal schedules for evening course conflicts and non-flexible evening/weekend work conflicts.  In general, rehearsals may be scheduled on Monday through Thursday from 6 to 11 pm, Fridays from 1 to 8 pm, and Sundays from 1:30 to 10 pm.  In unusual circumstances, rehearsals may need to be scheduled on Saturdays.  Members must not finalize travel plans for Fall or Spring breaks until they know their rehearsal schedules.  Once the rehearsal schedule is finalized, it becomes the official class meeting time.

Technical rehearsals for both DANCEVENT (DE) and An Evening of Dance (EOD) begin the weekend (Friday evening) prior to opening night.  Dancers must reserve the entire week for technical/dress rehearsals and performances (i.e., all day Saturday, all day Sunday, all weekday evenings) until the final schedule is determined by the directors.

Summary of Required Meetings and Tasks (dates will be provided through an annual addendum):

1) Officers: Placement preparation and evaluation, Orchesis audition preparation and practice session, year-end meeting of new and old officers.

2) Choreographers: First meeting, audition phrase showing, post-concert conference.

3) All members: First Fall company meeting; concert publicity, load-in, photo-call, and strike (DE and EOD); EOD casting; B&W photo shoot; Finale rehearsals, first Spring company meeting; lighting showing; election of officers; final Spring company meeting.