Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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Eligibility: Membership is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in the College who complete a successful audition.  Graduate and Unclassified students may be considered for membership when space is available.

Auditions: New members of Orchesis are chosen by the faculty directors on the basis of auditions held at the beginning of Fall semester.  Current members are given the oppertunity to provide input.  The number of active members typically ranges from 24 to 28.  A member who find it necessary to leave Orchesis for any reason and who wishes to return in a later year must normally re-audition.  In cases of returning from study abroad, the directors may not require a member to re-audition.

Term: Membership in Orchesis is a full year commitment.  Members must inform directors in advance if they plan to study abroad and intend to return to Orchesis the following semester.

Credit and Grading: Members will receive academic credit through their enrollment in DANC 321 (Fall) and DANC 322 (Spring).  Members will be graded at the end of each semester by the faculty directors.  Members are required to enroll for 1 credit each semester, however they have the option of enrolling for 2 credits when performing in DANCEVENT (Fall) or when performing in two pieces plus the Finale in An Evening of Dance (Spring).  This course may be repeated for credit up to 4 years (8 semesters total).

Although members may take as many credits as they wish of dance technique and Performance Ensemble, a maximum of 14 credits in technique and performance may be applied toward the 120-credit graduation requirement.  Dance minors may apply up to 16 credits.  Credits in excess of this limit are permitted and remain part of the member's total academic record.  This limit does not include any other Dance Program courses.

Technique course co-requisite: Each member is responsible for maintaining and improving his or her performance skill, technique, and fitness level while a member of Orchesis.  Members are required to enroll in a modern technique course each semester to minimize injuries, build company cohesion, and create familiarity with the range of styles taught by the faculty choreographers.