Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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Serve as the chief liason officer between the members and the directors.

Make announcements at the beginning or end of technique classes as needed.

Attend departmental meetings when appropriate.  Serve as chief liason between the Theatre Student Association and Orchesis.

Run the Orchesis audition with the directors and other officers during the first week of classes.

Order and pick up a cake for new members' reception after the first company meeting after Orchesis auditions.

During the first company meeting, go over the Orchesis policies and, in particular, explain how absences and tardiness will be addressed.

Determine the Fall Finale rehearsal schedule with the directors if those rehearsals are to run concurrently with DANCEVENT rehearsals.

Organize officers to mount the sign boards during the concert load-in period for DE and EOD.

Work with the directors to organize casting and rehearsal scheduling for EOD after the casting audition in November.

Apply for a student research grant (through the Charles Center) to increase the budget for Finale costumes.

Notify the Student Activities Office in April for Orchesis to be included in Activities Night during Fall Orientation for the next year.  Pass on Student Activities Orchesis email to new President.